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The Marburg biobank has a lean governance structure in order to provide access to high-quality human biomaterials to as many users as possible without bureaucratic hurdles. Nevertheless, all users must comply with the regulations associated with the use of biobank samples. These regulations are laid down in the by-laws of the Marburg Biobank CBBMR.


The operator of CBBMR is the Faculty of Medicine of the Philipps University of Marburg. CBBMR is established as Core Facility (CF) "Biobank CBBMR" in the organization plan of the Faculty of Medicine of the Philipps University of Marburg and part of the Marburg CF-network. During the implementation phase, the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine, in person of the Dean, administers the funds of the Anneliese Pohl Cancer Center in trust for the development of the biomaterial bank. The faculty provides a suitable laboratory room for the establishment of a biobank laboratory, as well as office space for management and IT coordination.

Cooperation with institutions of the University Hospital Marburg and the Faculty of Medicine of the Philipps University of Marburg

The Institute of Pathology is closely linked to the biobank; the director of the institute has the technical and scientific direction and responsibility for the tissue bank. All tissues and punctates removed in the course of patient care at the University Hospital Marburg are histologically examined at the Institute of Pathology and characterized with regard to tissue-typical pathological changes. The preparation of the tissues for storage as well as the quality control at sample delivery is carried out by the staff of CBBMR. Tissue samples are stored under the supervision of CBBMR in liquid nitrogen tanks in specially equipped storage rooms of the Faculty of Medicine at Marburg University Hospital.

Anneliese Pohl Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Marburg

With the establishment of Module 1 "Tumor Diseases", the central biobank of the CCC was established, for which donor materials are prospectively collected and existing retrospective collections are brought together. The CCC Marburg acts as a clinic cooperation partner for the consensus management.

The Central Information Processing at the University Hospital Marburg (ZIV) is responsible for the expansion, operation, and maintenance and back-up of the IT structure. All hardware components of the biobank information system (BIMS) operated in Marburg are installed in the ZIV. All further information on the organization of CBBMR can be found in the by-laws.