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German Center for Lung Research DZL

The German Center for Lung Research (DZL e. V.) is an association of leading university and non-university institutions dedicated to research into respiratory diseases. The aim of the DZL is to jointly develop new approaches for prevention, diagnosis and therapy of widespread lung diseases.
With the support of the Clinic for Pneumology and the Thoracic Surgery, a lung biobank is being established in Marburg, which focuses on the collection of tissues and punctates from lung cancer patients. In the field of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), CBBMR cooperates with the CosyCo-Net "Competence Network for Asthma and COPD", which is associated with the DZL. Another focus of CBBMR's work in the DZL is the disease area "Allergy and Asthma" - here CBBMR is a location of the Alliance-All Age Asthma Cohort-Studienbiobank. The study cohort, which consists of a children's and an adult registry of asthmatics and healthy control persons, is multicenter. The aim is to identify new early biomarkers and to use these to describe asthma phenotypes that are specifically suited for new therapeutic approaches.  
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